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My daughter saw Tonya for a knee injury. She was very thorough and taught my daughter how to do the stretches at home. We had almost given up on something helping her knee. Tonya offers hope and help. I highly recommend Dynamic Therapeutics...

Diane Capps

I can’t say enough good things about my medicinal massage treatment with Dr. Butler. I have cervical stenosis and was in a wreck back in February and she has single handedly given me relief that no one else has been able to do. Dr. Butler educates you as she treats you which helps you understand why your body does what it does due to Injury or even sitting at a computer all day. I had a serious muscle/back problem and she fixed the problem! I recommend her over anyone!

Jackie Roberts Clarke

This is likely the best massage I’ve ever had. Today I had appointment with Tonya and like always, she went above and beyond. She’s seriously incredible. If you want or have been looking for a REAL massage, especially deep tissue, this is the place! Tonya was finally able to relieve some neck and shoulder issues that have plagued me for years. I looked for over a year and now I found what I needed. She’s a miracle worker!!!

Connie Albright

Tonya is very thorough and asked all of the right questions in order to determine the treatments needed.

Mike T

Almost 9 months pregnant with PGP and PSD and I could not do it without Dr. Tonya’s intervention! Such a great experience that I look forward so close to the ’finish line’.

Prego Momma

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